How to repair and Rar or Zip file

Step 1:

Open WinRAR (Download it Here) and browse to the folder with your .rar/.zip file.

Step 2:

Find the file you want to repair and click the “Repair” button from the tool bar.

Step 3:

In the pop-up window, select “Treat the corrupt archive as RAR or Zip” depending on which type of archive you are trying to repair.

Step 4:

If you get a “Suspicious Entry” pop-up. Select All. This may happen several times while repairing.

Step 5:

After repairing is complete, click on Close.

Step 6:

To extract your file, highlight your new rebuilt archive.

Step 7:Next select Commands>Extract without confirmation

Step 8:

The files will start extracting.

Step 9:

The archived files will be extracted to the same folder as the repaired archive.

This instructions was originally written by Adam Roper is the founder of GlobalFusion