Data Backup/Migration Solutions

Data migration is no simple task. Whether you’re replacing, upgrading or consolidating systems within your storage environment—you need to transfer your data safely, cost effectively, and with reduced business disruption.

We can even transfer your current system to a whole new platform, so you can enjoy the way you use to, no need to adapt to new environment.

We help you confidently move your data where it needs to go. Our storage specialists draw on years of experience to perform data migration efficiently, with lower cost and with reduced impact on your business operations.

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Data Recovery and Crisis Rescue


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  • Computer/Server Data Drive Recovery
  • Physical damage to their computer, laptop, phone or hard drive
  • Hard drive crash including head crash and “the knock of death”
  • Accidental data wipe.
  • File system corruption
  • Hacking, Viruses, Spyware, Trojans or Ransom-ware
  • Deliberate or inadvertent tampering with computer hardware
  • Flood or Fire Damage
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • And many more other disaster data recovery situations!

Computer & Wireless network Setup


  • Set up router proper to allow your home to connect to the Internet and get the best result.
  • Make your computer and network faster.
  • Configure a network to share files and printers.
  • Configure a backup for your important files.
  • Recover lost or deleted data.
  • Set up new equipment, including tablets and smart phones.
  • Secure your computers and network.

On-Site Service or Remote Support

We provide expert, same day onsite services to thousands of homes and business throughout most Melbourne areas. Trusted by thousands of loyal customers who need same day computer repairs in Melbourne and with over ten years of experience we can fix your server, PC, Mac or laptop today. We can fix your computing issues guaranteed or you will not pay a cent.


Distance is no longer a barrier with our remote support. With your permission we can connect  to your system to provide “real time” help and support – just like having the doctor sitting right beside you. Once the problem is established, we can solve the problem right before your eyes!

Slow Computer Performance Boost, Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal

Is your computer slow?  You have a i7 computer and how come it still slow?

It is really painful to have a computer running slow,  when you want to get something done quickly. With the latest technology, we can make computer computer run faster, even faster than you first have it. come into the store, and we will show you the result.

Most people don’t want to know about the scores of viruses waiting to infect their system, but it’s not something you can just actively dismiss if you want to maintain your health and the wellbeing of your system. Like the common cold silently sifts through the masses unbeknownst, so do worms, Trojans, spyware and the vast slew of other infectious malware that saturate the everyday software landscape and plague your system.

Desktop or Laptop Repairs & Upgrades

We repair all makes and models of Laptops, notebooks, and desktop PC’s including: Acer, ASUS, APPLE, COMPAQ, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, LG, Panasonic, SONY, and TOSHIBA.


We an also take care of many non-hardware related issues such as virus removal and data recovery and complete system recovery/restoration.

Common repairs and upgrades performed at Netsquare include:

  • Replacing Laptop screens and other components
  • Replacing desktop power supplies and other components
  • Increasing the speed and performance of your computer or laptop
  • Transferring data (e.g. photos and music) from one PC or laptop to another
  • Troubleshooting assorted problems including:


We do not charge a call out fee and offer free phone advice. Call anytime on 03 98163988

Small Business Managed IT Support

We have efficient and accurate methods for monitoring servers remotely to minimise downtime associated with issues that are not identified in time to rectify promptly. We offer to monitor our clients’ servers very closely on a daily basis at a reasonable cost, so we can identify and rectify most problems before you and your staff experience any reduction in productivity. As part of our monitoring process we also monitor the operation of your server’s daily backup process. Backups can be an area which may be less than 100% reliable, especially where backup tape drives are in use. This is why there is no substitute for expert translation of your backup logs on a daily basis to ensure your backups are being created in a reliable manner.

A great deal of the work we perform for our clients is of a preventative nature because occasional hardware failures and software problems are part and parcel of modern computer equipment. Your business needs to be prepared for these events, and your disaster recovery plan should be in the hands of a capable and pre-prepared IT management provider, experienced in rectifying network failures in a timely manner, with a heavy focus on data protection and restoration.

Client/server network services


We specialise in building robust and highly productive business IT solutions based on Microsoft’s Small Business Server software, which is a bundled suite of Microsoft server products including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft ISA Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Shared FAX Service.

Our Client/Server network services include the following:

  • Server hardware and software sales
  • Business Technology Assessments (IT audits) and Network Design
  • New Server rollouts (including servers you may have already sourced from another supplier)
  • Server migrations
  • Remote Server monitoring and maintenance
  • Network maintenance and Critical Patch Installation
  • Problem solving and general network administration
  • Peer-to-peer networks

We also design, implement and maintain IT solutions using less ‘feature rich’ peer-to-peer network technology for lower budget situations. We recommend configuring ‘peer to peer’ networks with a view to upgrading the network to a client/server configuration in the future, which makes the migration cheaper when the time comes.

Fully equipped service centre

  • Repairs to all desktop and notebook brands
  • Rectification of Windows issues
  • Total virus and spy ware threat management solutions
  • Notebook performance upgrades
  • Network Server repairs, rebuilds and upgrades
  • Printer repairs
  • Helpdesk (trading account required)

Phone Support


  • Remote Control Support for Servers and Workstations
  • Email support
  • Contact us now for pricing or to establish an account to access our support services

Onsite support


  • IT Infrastructure assessments for new customers
  • Network Design
  • Network Security Audits
  • Wireless Networking Solutions
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Automatic and Manual Data Backup solutions
  • Disaster Prevention and Recovery
  • Broadband Internet & Printer Sharing
  • Router configuration
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Remote installation of critical updates
  • New server installations/rollouts
  • Server migrations
  • Security Solutions to protect data from inside and out
  • Email and domain name solutions
  • Peer to Peer network installation maintenance and support
  • Firewall setup and management
  • Desktop faxing solutions
  • Business grade internet connection solutions